Will you cover tax, duty and other fees for domestic or international clients? 

No, clients are responsible for their own tax, duty and other shipping fees. To ensure the accuracy of your fees, we include Harmonized Tariff codes to each product description. This helps customs review and deliver your order in a timely fashion, as well as calculate accurate fees.

Do I need to submit my FEIN/TIN and South Carolina ST-8A to create a wholesale or private label order?

No, clients do not need to submit their FEIN/TIN and South Carolina ST-8A to complete a wholesale or private label order. However, by not doing so, clients will may not be tax exempt and maybe subject to local, state and federal tax. 

Do I need to login to complete an order?

Yes, clients must login in order to complete an order. 

Do I need to agree to the terms and conditions to order?

Yes, all of our clients agree to the terms and conditions before completing each order. Your opportunity to agree to our terms and conditions is in the shopping cart.

How do you safely hand create my products?

Butter Angels utilizes Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) mandated by the FDA. Gloves, headcover, face mask and other tools and methods are used to sanitize the area before, during and after production. In addition, detailed records are kept which help explain the conception, creation, and sell of each product. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders need no less than 21 days after design approval and deposit to completed. Design approval is only needed for private label contracts. 

What is your Return Policy?

Butter Angels approves returns and exchanges on orders with defects and errors caused by Butter Angels. All other damages must be filed by the commercial carrier. Clients have 5 calendar days from receipt to submit a return request. Damaged goods must be returned for inspection. Approval returns will receive a store credit. 

Private label, custom orders, to include favors, gifts and other custom items, are non-refundable.