Butter Angels was created by military veteran Rolande Sumner. During her years of service she decided to create her own natural skin care to address her dry skin issues while overseas on active duty. After many years of trial, error, education and mentorship, she developed highly effective products made with exotic ingredients from around the world. Rolande is now retired from the military and has turned her skin care hobby into a thriving business. She handcrafts each of her products in her private laboratory with love and military precision. Butter Angels are proud supporters of women veteran and animal advocacy organizations. Let Butter Angels protect and defend your dry skin.

Press coverage
"During her service she desired skin care that was pure, simple and without the harmful additives found in traditional brands. As a result she started creating body butters in her kitchen. "
Womeneur - April 16, 2016
"She is one of many women in her family that were entrepreneurs."
Upstate veteran launches skin-care products
The Greenville News - August 25, 2016
"The best advice I have for new business owners is to persist regardless of the hard long days. Persist. Don’t stop following your dream of business ownership due to lack of resources. Get creative in hard times and persist."
Rolande Sumner of Butter Angels
The Nova Studio - February 23, 2017
Minority Women Veteran Shero of the Month - February 2016 - February 01, 2016
Rolande S. Sumner
CEO & Founder
info@butterangels.com, 864-986-GLOW
Rolande Sumner is a mother, wife, retired Army Veteran, and a Boston native. In her former career she served primarily as an active duty Human Resources Manager and Heavy Vehicle Operator. Rolande has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with some graduate coursework in Human Resources. Her real passion is formulating skin care, which she began doing to addressing a personal need approximately 10 years ago. Rolande is an advocate of giving back and has committed her time and funds in donating to various non-profit organizations who assist women veterans, girls, and animals. Rolande is a fourth generation community servant and 3rd generation business owner.
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"Just look at how this buttery body treat transforms into a luxurious oil on skin. It's so good."
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"I have extremely dry and cracked feet to the point of being painful. I've used several products that are advertised to treat such problems but I didn't feel improvement. This butter bar is the best. I've been using it everyday after the shower and then put soft socks on and my feet are much better. Good stuff. Will be purchasing again."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I usually buy my face creams at Marshalls or TJMAXX but since using Butter Angles I am hooked. I love using it under my eyes where I have puffiness and tender wrinkled skin. It softens the wrinkles and really helps the texture. Plus, it feels so creamy and soft. I love it!"
Judy Smith, Ph.D, Air Force (Ret)
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